Face Reality

by Oblivion

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Héctor - Drums
Xavi - Bass
Karl - Guitar, back vocals
Petro - Guitar
Rubén - Vocals


released December 3, 2012

Recorded and produced in Aqueron Studios by Héctor Baeza. Mastered at BloQ Estudi by Aleix. Gang vocals in "FTW" and "XXV" by Iman, Pol, Polvil, Albert and Oriol. Guest vocals by Charles Manson in "Night Stalker". Graphic design and artwork ny ionamanyoses.com. All rights reserved, Barcelona 2012.



all rights reserved


Oblivion Barcelona, Spain

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Track Name: Names For Graves
Born and fucked since the first day, stabed and betreyed , story of my life. I lost the track of how many knives are on my back.
No father,no love,no god,no path to walk,22 years living under the ice,and only the devil by my side, tell me the things i need for to stay alive.
Im tired of taking care of the rest, when no one stays for me in my bad days,blodshed eyes and heart full of rage, time to break these chains and let the hate control my ways.
The line has been crossed, You're just an obstacle in my way,im just goona take the scum away.
Don’t try to die on your feet,When you’ve lived your whole life on your fucking knees.
You burned all the bridges,you burned all the paths,and now it's time to take what's mine.
Its a fucking shame that you and i still breath the same air.
93 spit this all over your face,Otdr taking name for empty graves.
And when im goona be in front of death i have only one more confession to say.
The only thing i need to sleep again
its to stab my knife,on your beating heart
and watch the light from your eyes,
slowly fadding away.
Track Name: XXV
Do you still remember the fire burning in our eyes?
Do you still remember, all the promises we make.
The time spent bulding our dreams,between the sheets of your bed.
I'm asking the same questions oever in my head,knowing you shattered my live but you dont fucking care.
Now i live obssesed with your pain,this is the reason for i breath every fucking day.
A promise made in vain ,but you said those poisoned words anyway
When i think of all the fucked up thins you said,why the fuck did i let this happen again, remember all the words im gonna say, im gonna make you suffer all the pain you make.
I'm a wolf on the attack searching for your troath,
25 sins you gonna pay for it.
this hate inside of me is all you left on me
in fucking done with you,YOU ARE A FUCKING DISGRACE!

love is a sicknes love is a weakness And forget you are one of my last wishes
Track Name: F.T.W.
Open your eyes and tell me what you see
A world burned to the grown by the weight of our sins
So long since I lost my faith .I turned my back to this world, it just brings pain.
Born into this grave, without hope for better days.I can only wait 'cause death is every breath we take. time to face the reality of my own mistakes.How can anyone follow everything this world dictates?
Fuck this world, this fucking world, For what it has done to you
I refuse to believe in a world that fucking forgets me.I'm tired of trying to stand up and just sink deeper. but we're not dead, we're still learning to shine